Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Windows Phone Performance Analysis Tool : Part 3 of n

My next observation is adding a PerformanceProgressBar, from the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.

I added the PerformanceProgressBar and set IsIndeterminate to True, I then let the PerformanceProgressBar run for two cycles, the associated graph is as follows :-

As you can see, the Storyboard starts as soon as the application starts.

The CPU usage increases as the PerformanceProgressBar animates, it then reduces for around a second and then starts again.

You can also see the Frame rate increase when the PerformanceProgressBar is animating.

Could a performance issue be "masked" when using the PerformanceProgressBar? Or would we see a spike in the CPU usage?

If you have any experiences to share with using the Performance Analysis Tool, I would be very interested to hear them.

More to follow...

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