Sunday, 16 May 2010

WP7 and CivicAddressResolver

After having a play with some of the different namespaces and classes within a WP7 project, I tried the CivicAddressResolver.

The following code was taken from Mike Taulty's UK TechDays presentation :-

CivicAddressResolver resolver = new CivicAddressResolver();
GeoCoordinate location = new GeoCoordinate(40.71448, -74.00734);

resolver.ResolveAddressCompleted += (sender, args) =>
if (args.Error == null)
string line1 = args.Address.AddressLine1;
string line2 = args.Address.AddressLine2;
string city = args.Address.City;


Currently the ResolveAddress and ResolveAddressAsync methods are not implemented, as detailed in the following forum post :-

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